5dbi Dual Band Outdoor Omni Antenna Part No. / SKU : WAE-5AG

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irLive WN-220R is the center of your home or office network. You can share a high–speed Internet connection with the flexibility, speed, security and simplicity! The WN-220R conforms to wireless 802.11b/g/n demand, and provides up to 150Mbps wireless speed. Its additional 4 Ethernet cable ports let you connect your whole wired and wireless devices together.

WN-220R also supports various ways for connecting to your Internet Service Provider, such as static IP, dynamic IP (DHCP), or PPPoE. Moreover, with the Setup Wizard provided in the bundle CD, you can simply connect your network-able device to the world in few minutes.

Enjoy your AirLive Wireless
Wireless High-Speed 150Mbps leads you to enjoy various applications. Seamlessly work with X-Box360, online game, download application or IPTV video streaming.
Install your Wireless Camera with WN-220R
Airlive WN-220R meets the demand of bandwidth intensive applications such as HD camera or VGA camera.
Support Green WLAN for Smart Tx Power Saving, Implicit Rx Power Saving and CPU Offl oad
Traditional networking devices transmit at 100% full power, regardless of the user environment. In real user scenarios this amount of power is rarely required. Airlive automatic power-saving technologies enable solutions that conserve energy by recognizing the actual user scenario and adjusting the power accordingly in relation to distance, data traffic, and link status, and with no loss of performance.
Support Easy Setup Wizard
With AirLive Setup Wizard, user can setup his wireless network easily by following the instructions shown on screen. Both wireless setting, such as SSID and Encryption method, and WAN setting, such as PPPoE account and password, could be done in one Wizard.


Software & Firmware


Description Details Date
  • Airlive_WN-220R_R1.00e08 Details 2013/10/16
  • WN-220R, Firmware version R1.00e07, fixed the DNS of DHCP Server. Details 2012/03/14
  • WN-220R, Firmware version R1.00e06, Add the Universal Repeater mode. Details 2012/02/22
  • WN-220R, Firmware version R1.00e03, Initial firmware Details 2011/09/02




2.4GHz Frequency range 2400 MHz – 2483 MHz
2.4GHz Peak gain 4.5 dBi
2.4GHz Average gain 2.5 dBi
5GHz Frequency range 5150 MHz – 5875 MHz
5GHz Peak gain 7.0 dBi
5GHz Average gain 5.0 dBi
2.4GHz HPBW / horizpntal 360°
2.4GHz HPBW / vertical 30°
5GHz HPBW / horizpntal 360°
5GHz HPBW / vertical 15°
VSWR 2.0 : 1 Max.
Polarization Linear, vertical
Power handling 2 W
Impedance 50 Ohms
Connector  Male N-Type
Survival wind speed 216 km/hr
Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Humidity 95% @ 55°C
Radome material ABS

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